Huang Yin-Shan 黃引珊

Name: Huang Yin-Shan 黃引珊
Home Institiution:

Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Cheng-Chih University (NCCU), Taiwan

Duration of Stay: July 7 to August 5, 2022


Huang Yin-Shan is a PhD student at the Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies at National Cheng-Chih University. She received her MA at Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, Tamkang University. Her primary research interest is national security, looking specifically into China’s military reform and mostly about para-military and maritime security in Asia-Pacific.


Yin-Shan’s ongoing research projects include China’s Mixed Ownership Reform on Defense Industry, she is trying to understand why China’s defense industry, which was entrenched part of SOEs and were less participated SOEs reform, unexpectedly been included into the project of Mixed Ownership Reform since 2013. Yin-Shan’s another research project aims to analyze the dynamics of China’s submarine cable policy in the South China Sea, and examine its implications from a geostrategic perspective.