Wu Peng-Chi 吳鵬基

Name: Wu Peng-Chi 吳鵬基
Home Institiution: The History Institute of Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Duration of Stay: 5 July to 27 July 2023


Peng-Chi Wu is currently a doctoral candidate at the History Institute of Cheng Kung University, and is expected to obtain a doctorate by the end of 2023, specializing in social history of the Ming Dynasty in China, maritime history and fieldwork methods. Long-term cooperation with relevant local units in Taiwan to investigate the history of local cultural assets in Taiwan, and is committed to the construction, restoration and reuse of cultural assets. In the past, he served as the Nantou County Government's "Nantou Pottery Development History Investigation and Research Project", "Nantou County Traditional Handicraft Nantou Pottery Preservation and Maintenance Project and Zeng Shuzhi Art Master Investigation and Research Project", Taichung City Government's "Beigou Palace Museum Cultural Relics Collection of Cave Investigation and Restoration and Reuse Project", Chiayi City Government's "Chiayi Official Ditch Nuomi Bridge Historical Investigation Project", Kaohsiung City Government’s "Kaohsiung City Cultural Landscape - Japanese Naval Air Force Okayama Dormitory Group (Xing Village) Researcher of projects such as the Preservation and Maintenance Project", and the project host of the National Endowment for the Arts Development "Migration. Dispersion. Remembrance: Those Years of Protecting National Treasures and People (1949-1965)".