Prof. Tseng Yen-Fen 曾嬿芬


Prof. Tseng Yen-Fen 曾嬿芬


Home Institiution: Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University
Duration of Stay: June 16 to 28, 2024


Yen-Fen Tseng is Professor at the Department of Sociology of the National Taiwan University. She received her PhD in sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research interest is migration within Asia and migration policy, particularly skilled migration to and from Taiwan. Her publications related to skilled migration include “Settlement Intentions among Taiwanese Skilled Migrants in Tokyo and Hong Kong,” (Asian Population Studies), “Becoming Global Talent? Taiwanese White-Collar Migrants in Japan” (Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies), “How Do Identities Matter? Taiwanese Cultural Workers in China.” (In J-H Wang ed., Border Crossing in Greater China: Production, Community & Identity) and “Shanghai Rush: Skilled Migrants in a Fantasy City” (Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies). She is currently studying skilled migrants from Southeast Asia to Taiwan, focusing on those taking study-migration pathway. She examines the gap between skilled immigration policy and lived migratory experiences among these skilled migrants in Taiwan.