Lin Kai-Heng 林凱衡

Name: Lin Kai-Heng 林凱衡
Home Institiution: Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica
Duration of Stay: 8 Jan to 9 Feb 2024


Lin Kai-Heng is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica. He graduated from the Department of Sociology at National Taiwan University. His research subject is about skill formation, analyzing vocational education and training (VET) with sociology and political economy in the context of capitalism. His doctoral thesis is entitled “Why is the proportion of firms providing trainings low in Taiwan? A historical analysis of skill formation approach”. It collected archives to explain why the skill formation institution in Taiwan was established as school-based rather than firm-based before the 1980s. Now his new project is titled “Technological upgrading, higher education and the transformation of skill formation institution in Taiwan's machinery industry”. This project aims to investigate skill formation institution in the machinery industry in Taichung to explore how do small and medium enterprises (SMEs) cooperate with schools and universities to train their skilled workers for the needs of technological upgrading.


Journal Articles
Lin, Kai-Heng, Chun-Hung Chen, 2018, “Toward a Democratic Vocational Education? Revisiting
Humanism in Taiwan’s Education Reform” , Taiwan Journal of Sociology of Education, 18(2),

Book Chapters
Lin, Kai-Heng, 2015, “Black Academic Labor: The Exploited Research Assistant”, editor(s): Po-fen
Tai and Thung-Hong Lin, The Coming Collapse of Taiwan’s Higher Education: Crises of
Marketization, Bureaucratization, and Sub-Replacement Fertility.