Zeng Yu-Qi 曾裕淇

Name: Zeng Yu-Qi 曾裕淇

Home Institiution: Department of Business Management, Tatung University
Duration of Stay: November 6 to December 9, 2019


Yu-Qi Zeng received her Ph.D. degree in Geography from National Taiwan University in 2019. Her academic interests are spatial transformation, socio-spatial (in)equality, and the right to the city. Her researches and editorials are published in the Journal of Geographical Science, Mainland China Studies, Mainland Affair Council (Taiwan), and GeogDaily. Yu-Qi won the 2018 Doctoral Candidates Fellowship from Academia Sinica, the 2017 Humanities and Social Sciences Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the 2010 Pilot Research Grant from Executive Yun (Taiwan).

Her ongoing research projects include an investigation of Foreign Investment-implemented urban renewal in China, as well as a study of the household registration (hukou) reform that has given rise to an understanding of socio-spatial inequality. She is currently an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Business Management, Tatung University.


Yu-Qi Zeng, Jinn-yuh Hsu, 2020, “East Asia’s New Zone-Cities: Symbiotic or Antinimous to Urban Development?” In Hyun Bang Shin and Dong-Wan Gimm (eds.), The Political Economy of Mega Projects in Asia: Globalization and Urban Transformation. Routledge.

Yu-Qi Zeng, Jinn-Yuh Hsu, 2016, “Sustainable Development: A Critical Perspective from Urban Political Ecology” (永續發展:一個都市政治生態學的批判性視角), Journal of Geographical Science 82: 1-25. 

Thung-Hong Lin, Yu-Qi Zeng, 2014, “Governing Population: A Comparative Study of the Household Registration System in China and Taiwan” (戶口的政治:中國大陸與台灣戶籍制度之歷史比較), Mainland China Studies 57(1): 63-96.