Master Thesis
Information about Master Thesis at the Chair of Marketing

We are pleased that you are interested in writing your master thesis at the chair of marketing. In the scope of your master thesis, we pursue the goal that you generate scientifically relevant knowledge on an interesting question from the field of marketing under our supervision. Thus, in our opinion, it is of paramount importance, that you work on a topic that fits your and our interests. Therefore, please consider the following information:

Application Process: Please take part in the centralized Application Master Thesis Supervision process which also includes an obligatory ILIAS survey. Enclosed the link to the survey and additional information about the centralized application process. For further information about the respective deadlines, please get in contact with the team of the Academic Advisory Service who takes care of this procedure. 


Generally, you should work on a topic suggested by us. In this case, we can ensure that the topic on the one hand addresses an academic relevant research question and on the other hand is feasible in the available time.

If you have own topic suggestions, please feel free to discuss them with us. A supervision, however, is only possible if the topic suits the mentioned criteria above.

You will be able to see an overview of our master thesis topics on the page Current Master Thesis Topics.

Practical Master Theses

Generally, master theses in cooperation with companies are possible. However, also in this case, the research question needs to exhibit an academic relevance and must be feasible in the available time period. Moreover, we expect a binding commitment about the data access and other information needed to write the master thesis from the cooperating company. Please submit an application for the practical master thesis. The application should contain an expose covering 4 to 5 pages representing the company, the topic proposal as well as the possible analysis methods.

Starting Point

A start of the master thesis is possible at any time in consultation with the chair. The master thesis is then limited to a period of 4 or 6 months depending on the study program.