As an external lecturer Dr. Amadeus Petzke supports the chair by providing complementary courses. His course (B321D Recent Developments in Pricing) normally will be offered in the winter term.

Amadeus Petzke is a cofounder and leader of The Boston Consulting Group’s Pricing Enablement Center in Germany, and he is a core member of BCG’s Marketing, Sales & Pricing, Industrial Goods, and Consumer Goods practices. Since joining BCG in 2003, Amadeus has worked across a range of industries in B2B, B2B2C, and B2C settings, including consumer goods, retail, travel and tourism, industrial goods, automotive, chemicals, and financial services. His project experience extends from pricing diagnostics to holistic strategy development and implementation of pricing solutions. Much of Amadeus’s work has focused on client enablement and building pricing capabilities, and he has led a number of companies through major pricing-driven transformations. His engagements have included creating the pricing strategy for a global toy manufacturer and developing the strategic price and margin-improvement program for a global consumer products company. He has also worked on numerous pricing and revenue management transformation programs in travel, tourism, and railways. Outside of BCG, Amadeus is a member of the Professional Pricing Society.