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Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in (w/m/d) am Seminar für Handel und Kundenmanagement (Prof. Dr. Werner Reinartz) an der Universität zu Köln gesucht. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie hier.

B322a Bachelorarbeit in Marketing

Liebe Studierende, hier finden Sie allgemeine Informationen zu unserem Bachelorseminar B322a im WS 2021/22. Weitere Einzelheiten werden im August veröffentlicht.

Update Curriculum Change / Studienplanänderung

Curriculum Change Price and Promotion Management/ Advanced Market Research - new module Data Science in Marketing from the winter term 2021/22 onwards

Dear students,
we offer the course Advanced Market Research for the first time in summer term 2021. The prerequisite for attending this course is that you have not previously taken Price and Promotion Management. (This only applies to the upcoming summer term 2021, after that it is possible to take both courses).
In winter term 2021/22, the course Marketing-Mix Management will be offered and in summer term 2022, the courses eBusiness and Price and Promotion Management. Very good R programming skills are required to attend the course Price and Promotion Management (from summer term 2022 onwards). This knowledge can be acquired through the courses Advanced Market Research, Data Science Project Management or self-study. The course Advanced Market Research will be offered again in winter term 2022/23 and will be included in the new module "Data Science in Marketing" from winter term 2022/23 onwards. 

Studienplanänderung Price and Promotion Management/ Advanced Market Research - neues Modul Data Science in Marketing ab WS 2021/22

Liebe Studierende,
wir bieten im SoSe 2021 erstmalig die Veranstaltung Advanced Market Research an. Voraussetzung für einen Besuch dieser Veranstaltung ist, dass Sie im Vorfeld nicht Price and Promotion Management belegt haben. (Dies gilt nur für das kommende Sommersemester, danach ist das Belegen beider Veranstaltungen möglich).
Im WS 2021/22 wird die Veranstaltung Marketing-Mix Management angeboten. Im SoSe 2022 die Veranstaltungen eBusiness und Price and Promotion Management. Für den Besuch der Veranstaltung Price and Promotion Management (ab SoSe 2022) sind sehr gute Programmierkenntnisse in R erforderlich. Diese können durch die Veranstaltungen Advanced Market Research, Data Science Project Management oder das Selbststudium erlernt werden. Die Veranstaltung Advanced Market Research wird wieder im WS 2022/23 angeboten und ab dem WS 21/22 in dem neuen Modul "Data Science in Marketing" enthalten sein.

Scheine Ringvorlesung SoSe 2020

Liebe Studierende, da eine persönliche Abholung der Scheine derzeit nicht möglich ist, möchten wir Sie bitten, uns ihre Adresse und Matrikelnummer mittzuteilen (marketingspam, damit wir Ihnen den Schein zusenden können.

New publication in Journal of Marketing Research

The paper "Free Shipping and Product Returns" has been published in the Journal of Marketing Research. The article is joint work by Edlira Shehu, Dominik Papies, and Scott Neslin. The Journal of Marketing Research is one of the field's top journals, rated A+ in the German Jourqual ranking and part of the Financial Times journal list. A pdf is available here.

Office closed

Due to the current situation relating to the outbreak of Covid-19 Virus, the office will be closed until further notice and we have no general office opening hours. We kindly ask you to contact us by email (marketingspam if you have any questions or for an appointment via Zoom. Thank you for your understanding!

New publication in the Journal of Operations Management available as Open Access

The article "The role of operational expenditures and misalignments in fundraising for international humanitarian aid" is now published in the Journal of Operations Management and available as open access. The article is joint work by Dominik Papies and Laura Turrini, Maria Besiou, and Jörn Meissner. The Journal of Operations Management (5-year impact factor 10.161) is the leading journal in operations management and one of the top management journals, and it is featured in the Financial Times journal list.

Article available as open access

The article "International heterogeneity in the associations of new business models and broadband Internet with music revenue and piracy" by Nils Wlömert and Dominik Papies, published in the International Journal of Research in Marketing, is now available as open access. The article is part of a special issue, and the entire issue is open access, supported by Groningen Digital Business Centre (GDBC) at the University of Groningen.

New publication in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

The article "Cross-Price Elasticities and Their Determinants: A Meta-Analysis and New Empirical Generalizations", co-authored by Johannes Auer and Dominik Papies, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. The journal is one of the premier journal in marketing research, and is featured in the Financial Times journal list. The article is available here.

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