Proteome Center Tuebingen

Proteome Center Tuebingen (PCT) is a proteomics core facility of the University of Tuebingen and a member of the Quantitative Biology Center ( Members of the PCT team are:

We offer various workflows for qualitative and quantitative analyses of proteins, proteomes and subproteomes (e.g. interactome, phosphoproteome, acetylome, ubiquitylome). Other posttranslational modifications can also be analyzed upon request.

Core Facility measurements are routinely performed on a Q-Exactive HF or Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer. Quantitative workflows are mainly based on stable isotope labeling (SILAC, TMT, dimethyl labeling) or label-free quantification.

Please note that for a successful proteomics project:

Our operational and access policies can be found here: Nutzer- und Gebührenordnung (German only).

For further inquiries, requests and price information please send an e-mail to pctspam