Institute of Political Science

Profile of the library

The library was founded at Tuebingen University at the same time as the Institute in 1953. The library focuses especially on political science, world regions and international relations. The available material is extensive and up-to-date. It is split thematically into the areas of

Over 50,000 volumes and 110 periodicals are housed in our user-friendly and modern library under the roof of the institute. The literature is freely accessible and sorted systematically according to subject areas. The available books and journals are listed in the Online Public Access Catalogue ("Catalog plus") of Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen.

In addition to classic information sources such as textbooks, reference books, dictionaries and periodicals, students also have access to the most important electronic legal information sources, databases, online bibliographies and library catalogues.

Mission Statement

The library of the Institute of Political Science is an unit for provision of the students, lecturers and researchers of the institutue, but also of the university with literature.

The library sees itself as a "Teaching Library", which means, that great value is placed on instructions for the use of the library stock and for the search for scientific literature in the internet and on the support of teaching in the institute. The librarian advises on all questions concerning the library's holdings and trains users (through guided tours and events) in library use and research.

In addition, the library provides a wide range of services for the institute, such as support and further development of the homepage and related communication services and also supports the student advisory service, for example with occupancy management in the campus portal.