Institute of Political Science

Professors / Lecturers at the Institute

Seven professors and two junior professors are currently active at the Institute für Political Science in Tübingen. They teach and research in separate departments covering a wider part of political science. Academic staff support their work.

Four "Akademische Räte" (a unique title in Germany, Study Advisors and Senior tenured Lecturers), thirteen honorary professors, several private lecturers and many contract lecturers teach at the institute.

Employee Directory

A - D

Abels, Gabriele (Professor)

Abels, Joscha (Research Officer)

Afscharian, Dominic (Research Officer - Fus-Project)

Augenstein, Lea (Research Officer)

Barrios, Harald (Private Lecturer)

Bassisseh, Sarah (Research Officer)

Beck, Rasmus C. (Lecturer)

Betz, Johanna (Research Officer)

Bieling, Hans-Jürgen (Professor)

Buchner, Julia (Administration)

Buhr, Daniel (Adjunct Supernumery Professor)

Conradi, Elisabeth (Private Lecturer)

Cress, Anne (Research Officer)

Damaschke-Deitrick, Lisa (Senior Lecturer)

Dierksmeier, Claus (Professor)

Diez, Thomas (Professor)

Dreier, Volker (Private Lecturer)

E - J

Edel, Mirjam (Senior Lecturer, tenured; Academic Counsellor)

Eilfort, Michael (Honorary Professor)

Erben, Sylvia (Research Officer)

Riccarda Flemmer (Junior Professor)

Frankenberger, Rolf (former Senior Lecturer)

Frech, Siegfried (Honorary Professor)

Futterer, Andrea (Research Officer)

Große Hüttmann, Martin (Senior Lecturer, tenured; Academic Counsellor)

Gruber, Barbara (Teach@Tuebingen Fellow)

Gunes, Cengiz (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoc Fellow)

Hartung, Sascha (Librarian)

Hasenclever, Andreas (Professor)

Ischinger, Wolfgang (Honorary Professor)

Jäger, Uli (Honorary Professor)

Jopp, Mathias (Honorary Professor)

K - N

Kalb, Jürgen (Visiting Lecturer)

Kantola, Johanna (Distinguished Visiting Professorship)

Kassem, Sarrah (Research Officer)

Kiefer, Maximilian (Research Officer)

Kuisma, Mikko (MPPSC Program Lead)

Locher-Finke, Birgit (Honorary Professor)

Löblová, Olga (Lecturer)

Lucke, Franz von (Research Officer)

Meier-Braun, Karl-Heinz (Honorary Professor)

Menze, Thore (Research Officer - Fus-Project)

Merz, Larissa (Librarian)

Messerschmidt, Maike (Research Officer)

Meyer, Henning (Honorary Professor)

Mohr, Edward (Research Officer - Fus-Project)

Nagel, Melanie (Research Officer)

Nickisch, Petra (Administration)

P - S

Pawlowski, Natalie (Research Officer)

Pfeiffer, Maria (Research Officer)

Plieninger, Jürgen (Homepage Administration)

Quest, Hendrik (Research Officer)

Safuta, Anna (Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer)

Saglam, Koray (Research Officer)

Schlag, Gabi (Senior Lecturer, tenured; Academic Counsellor)

Schlumberger, Oliver (Professor)

Schmid, Josef (Professor emeritus)

Schrogl, Kai-Uwe (Honorary Professor)

Schulten, Thorsten (Honorary Professor)

Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin (Professor)

T - Z

Tekin, Funda (Honorary Professor)

Templ, Karl-Ulrich (Lecturer)

Tocci, Natalie (Honorary Professor)

Trautner, Bernhard (Honorary Professor)

Tremmel, Jörg (Adjunct Supernumery Professor)

Ulrich, Chantal (Administration)

Vonderwall, Corinna (Library Supervision)

Wagner, Stief (Administration)

Zolleis, Udo (Honorary Professor)