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Short biography

Sarrah Kassem studied Political Science with a specialization in International Relations at the American University in Cairo (BA 2013, MA 2016). During her studies, she completed a semester abroad for her BA at the Free University in Berlin and her MA at the University of Tübingen as part of the CMEPS exchange program. During these years she became increasingly passionate about labor, labor struggles and resistance. These interests then came together in her dissertation in Political Economy. Under the supervision of Professor Hans-Jürgen Bieling and Professor Thorsten Schulten she completed her doctorate in 2020 on the alienation and agency of workers in the Platform Economy, delving more concretely into Amazon’s platforms. Her current teaching and research foci center around workers, working conditions, different forms of labor organization and the intersectional dimensions of the labor movement.

Publikationen / Publications

Kassem, S. (2023) Work and Alienation in the Platform Economy – Amazon and the Power of Organization, Bristol: Bristol University Press,

Kassem, S. (2023) “(Re)shaping Amazon labour struggles on both sides of the Atlantic: the power dynamics in Germany and the US amidst the pandemic”, Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research 28(4),

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Medien / Media


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