Institut für die Kulturen des Alten Orients

History of the IANES

The Institut für die Kulturen des Alten Orients / Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Studies (IANES) was founded on the initiative of Prof. Dr. Konrad Volk in 2008. And while the history of the IANES may be very young, the close connection between its subject areas Egyptology and Assyriology look back on a tradition of over 50 years in Tübingen.

Shortly after the appointment of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Röllig as the first professor of Assyriology in 1966, the institute moved to the recently inaugurated "Blauer Turm" (Blue Tower), Friedrichstr. 21. There it was joined on the same floor by the Egyptological Institute, which until then had been housed in an annexe of the Archaeological Institute. These shared quarters were the beginnings of a common library and other mutually used premises, which enable and promote joint projects as well as interdisciplinary and interpersonal exchanges to this day.

About two years later both departments moved to more spacious premises at Corrensstr. 12, where they were able to spread out over two floors. In 1993 both moved once more, this time to Schloss Hohentübingen overlooking the city. Shortly thereafter, in 1994, a chair for Near Eastern Archaeology was established. Thus, the IANES's three core subject areas were finally complete. Today the IANES warmly welcomes students, researchers, and guests from all over the world in its very own wing of Tübingen's historical castle.