Japanese Studies

Study abroad

Study in Kyoto integrated into the bachelor’s program

The study regulations require that students in the bachelor’s program spend the fourth and fifth semester of their studies at the Tübingen Center for Japanese Studies (TCJS) in Kyoto. The Kyoto Center is located on the campus of Doshisha University.

The summer semester in Japan begins in early April and finishes in the middle of July, and the winter semester begins in early October and ends in the middle of February. Further information about the study abroad program in Kyoto can be found on the Kyoto Center homepage (only in German).

A year at a partner university

Alongside our partnership with Doshi­sha Uni­ver­sity in Kyoto since 1990, the Tübingen department of Japanese Studies has partnerships with eight other Japanese universities. These universities are, in alphabetical order,

  • Chūō (Chuo Uni­ver­si­ty in To­kyo),
  • Hi­ro­shi­ma (Hi­ro­shi­ma Uni­ver­si­ty in Hi­ro­shi­ma),
  • Jōchi (So­phia Uni­ver­si­ty in To­kyo),
  • Kan­sai Gai­dai (Kan­sai Gai­dai Uni­ver­si­ty in Hira­ka­ta/Osa­ka),
  • Rik­kyō (Rik­kyo Uni­ver­si­ty in To­kyo),
  • Ritsu­mei­kan (Ritsu­mei­kan Uni­ver­si­ty in Kyo­to),
  • Wa­se­da (Wa­se­da Uni­ver­si­ty in To­kyo) und
  • Aichi Kenritsu (Aichi Prefectual University, Nagakute/Aichi).

The exchange program at each university makes one to two spots available to Tübingen students. Admission to the program includes a waiver of tuition fees, which can be very high in Japan.

To finance living in Japan, students in Germany can apply forMEXT (only in German) or DAAD  scholarships through the DAAD. Through the Japanese host university, it is possible to apply for a MEXT (only in German) or JASSO scholarship.

Each year in the winter semester, the application deadlines for the exchange programs are posted in the Tübingen Japanese Studies department. The exchange programs begin in the following fall. Before the official application at the Japanese host university, selections are made within the Japanese Studies department.

Application procedure:
  • The applicant sends an informal application to Ms. Ake­mi Ha­ma­da.
  • The Japanese Studies teaching faculty selects students for the programs.
  • The application materials for admission to the Japanese university must be sent to Ms. Waltraud Hermle or to Mr. Bastian Salmen in the International Office (Section 1: Exchange Programs, Wilhelmstraße 9).
  • The application may require recommendations, documentation of language proficiency, a certificate of enrollment, or transcripts, which the department of Japanese Studies provides.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring their portfolio of application materials is complete. The deadline for submitting the materials is in the break (March, April). Please coordinate in a timely manner with the appropriate members of the faculty and staff.

The complete application must be submitted on time to Ms. Waltraud Hermle or to Mr. Bastian Salmen. All further communication with the Japanese university will continue through the Section for Exchange Programs in the International Office. A copy of the application materials must be submitted to Ms. Akemi Hamada.