Urgeschichte und Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie

The Archaeometry Group

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Archaeometry in Tübingen has a focus on the application of expert knowledge and instrumental techniques to the investigation of the fascinating world of archaeological remains from the ancient and recent past. With a diachronic and cross-material perspective we are able to identify long-term processes of change as well as short-term developments up to singularized events. The unit is home to scholars with diverse backgrounds covering different categories of archaeological finds like human and animal remains, organic residues or objects made from metal, glass, stone, ceramics or metal.

Our Group

The Archaeometry Research Group represents one of the seven wings within the Institute of Archaeological Sciences INA. Unlike the other six INA-units it is based in the Philosophical Faculty in the Department of “Jüngere Urgeschichte”, thus underlining the inter-faculty character of the INA as of the archaeology departments at Tübingen university in general. The group is part of the “SFB 1070 RessourcenKulturen”. Currently (2022) The Tübingen Chair for Archaeometry represents Germany’s only full professorship in this field.

Through the staff, there is a strong overlap with the Competence Center Archaeometry – Baden Wuerttemberg / CCA-BW. The group is also active in academic partnerships worldwide but also embedded within a vital Baden-Württemberg-based regional framework featuring a particular strong alliance with the Curt-Engelhorn-Zentrum Archäometrie (CEZA) in Mannheim.