Campus Galli Collaboration

The medieval monastery construction site near Meßkirch has numerous workshops in which a wide variety of products are produced using medieval methods. Especially the production of ceramics but also the production and processing of mortars offer promising starting points for mineralogical investigations, on the basis of which a closer connection between archaeological finds and materials produced according to traditional methods can be established. In addition to archaeometric analyses at the CCA-BW, archaeological experiments on ceramic firing and joint courses for students of archaeology will be conducted as part of the cooperation.

On the 20th April 2018, the Campus Galli was officially named 'teaching and research site of the University of Tübingen'. 


Publications regarding this project:

Mohammad Awais Qarni, 2020. An experimental and geoarchaeological investigation of pyrotechnological installations used in ceramic production. MSc in Archaeological Science

Alisa Memmesheimer, 2019. Brennverhalten moderner und historischer Silikatkeramiken. MSc in Geosciences (Applied Mineralogy).

An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Kiln Firing: A Case Study from Campus Galli S. Amicone, M. Rogier, A. Memmesheimer, M.A. Qarni, J. Seidler, T. Kiemle, P. Sconzo, L.F. Morandi, S. Gur-Arieh, C. Berthold, C.E. Miller, H. Napierala, and K.G. Nickel CPG meeting Cambridge 11.11.2020 (Presentation)



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