In this practical course the students will implement a game development related software project .


There are three ways of doing this practical course:


Develop and implement an application which playfully motivates its users to perform certain tasks or show a desired behaviour. Interesting domains could be sports, environment protection, diet, teaching or whatever you find important.

Game Engine Architecture

You will develop a simple Game Engine. You will get several tasks that you have to solve on your own. The result will be a simple Game Engine with OpenGL and simple physics simulations.

Game Design

Design and implement your own game. You'll have to follow the full path from collecting Ideas and refining them to a game concept, doing a fast prototype, towards a full implementation. This version of the practical course requires more time than the others as it uses the lecture free time at the end of the semester for the final implementation. You will however earn 12 ECTs instead of 6.


For all variations there will be regular meetings with the supervisors to monitor your progress.


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