Logik und Sprachtheorie

For recent and future conferences and events in the area of logic see the programme of the  Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker Zentrum


Past events: 


Conference on

Proofs, Computation and Meaning

intended to be held in Tübingen, 20–21 March 2020. Cancelled due to the Covid Pandemics. It took place in the form of an online conference distributed over three days (7 September, 28 September and 7 December 2022).  Organizers were Paolo Pistone and Luca Tranchini. 



Third conference on

Proof-Theoretic Semantics

Assessment and Future Perspectives

held in Tübingen, 27–30 March 2019


Workshop on

Proof Theory

at the 6th World Congress on Universal Logic, Vichy, 21-26 June 2018



Logik, Sprachtheorie und Erkenntnistheorie

held in Tübingen, 24-25 October 2017


Workshop on

Consequence and Paradox: Between Truth and Proof

held in Tübingen, 2–3 March 2017


Conference on

General Proof Theory

Celebrating 50 Years of Dag Prawitz's "Natural Deduction"

held in Tübingen, 27–29 November 2015


Conference on

Hypothetical Reasoning

held in Tübingen, 23-24 August 2014

Workshop on

Functions, Proofs, Constructions

held in Tübingen, 21-23 February 2014


Second conference on

Proof-Theoretic Semantics

held in Tübingen, 8-10 March 2013


Workshop on

Hypothetical Reasoning

held in Tübingen, 16-17 April 2012


XIV conference on

Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science

held in Nancy, 19-26 July 2011


Workshop on

Proof and Dialogues (ProDi)

held in Tübingen, 25-27 February 2011


Workshop on


held in Tübingen, 20-21 January 2007


First conference on

Proof-Theoretic Semantics

held in Tübingen, 17-19 January 1999