The aim of a proseminar is to familiarize yourself with a foreign topic whereby you are guided. This topic will be presented it to the public by you.

The participants should work independently under guidance in a topic area of the graph theory. In a lecture the topic will be presented to the participants. The selection and presentation of the material should be practiced.

The topics can change. More details can be found on the proseminar pages on the individual semesters


At the beginning of the semester, the participants will hold a short lecture of 10 minutes on the basis of a introductory chapter on graph theory. The other participants are expected to have read the chapter as well. The aim of the short presentations is, on the one hand, to elaborate the basic concepts of graph theory for the other lectures and, on the other hand, to be an exercise for the actual lecture. The first feedback will help participants to improve their lecture style.

In the actual lectures, participants will present their acquired topic.

The presentations should be presented as a slide presentation. Panel talks are also possible. A handout/an elaboration is issued for the lecture.

Assessment: The grade results from lecture, slides and elaboration, with the lecture at 50%, transparencies and elaboration at 25% each. Content and style are equivalent in the rating.