Interfaculty Institute of Biochemistry (IFIB)

Labs offered during the Tübingen Master of Biochemistry

Labs are elements of the master program lasting about 3 months. The first 2 months are dedicated to experiments, while the last month is for writing up the data and presenting the results. Most are evaluated by a combination of a protocol and an oral examination. You will select a total of 4. Each lab is 15 credit points according to ECTS.

IFIB lab placements (at least 1)

Dodt biogenesis of peroxisomes
Feil signal transduction, transgenic mice
Jansen intracellular RNA trafficking
Nürnberger immunity of plants against microorganisms
Fuss plant secondary metabolism
Rapaport biogenesis & morphology of mitochondria
Dimmer morphology of mitochondria
Schulze-Osthoff apoptosis & protein kinases
Hailfinger lymphocyte activation
Schwarzer post-translational histone modification
Stafforst chemical biology of nucleic acids
Stehle/Hartmann structural biology of host/pathogen interaction

Campus & international lab placements

There is a range of outstanding research institutions on campus including the Max Planck Institutes for Development Biology, Biological Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems, the Friedrich Miescher Institute, the Centers for Plant Molecular Biology and Integrative Neuroscience as well as the Hertie Insitute for Clinical Brain Research. Lab placements can be arranged in agreement with the principle investigator of the lab of interest.

In addition, the faculty of the IFIB will also support your search for lab opportunities abroad. We have an established exchange program with China and good connections to many labs in the USA and Europe. See Internationality for details.