Competence Model

The generic competence model gives validation practitioners orientation about important competences for their validation practice. Each partner country has the possibility to decide according to its individual validation practice which competence facets are most relevant. It is portrayed in a visual graphic and accompanied by a handout including all definitions and a manual, which gives a deeper insight into the background of the competence model. You can download the resources here.

Download the PROVE competence model for validation experts: PROVE_competence_model_EN PROVE_competence_model_GER PROVE_competence_model_FR PROVE_competence_model_GR PROVE_competence_model_NL PROVE_competence_model_PT

Download the handouts on the competence model:  Handout Competence Model_EN Handout Competence Model_GER Handout Competence Model_FR Handout Competence Model_GR Handout Competence Model_NL Handout Competence Model_PT

Download the manuals on the competence model: PROVE_Manual_EN PROVE_Handbuch_GER

Download the article on the development of a competence model for validation experts: PROVE_Report

Download the report Results of the PROVE project: PROVE_Results