Institute of Education

Adult Education/Further Education

The Department of Adult Education/Further Education represents, in addition to Social Pedagogy/Social Work, School Pedagogy, General Pedagogy, and Empirical Educational Research and Pedagogical Psychology, one of the areas of Educational Science represented at the University of Tübingen.

In recent years, the department has been especially recognized for its empirical research. It orients itself according to the principles of a use-inspired basic research and investigates theoretical questions of practical and political relevance in education. Its findings are presented for discussion both nationally and internationally. The research projects of the department have two main focal points. The first focal point is the analysis of processes of learning and instruction in adult education. At the heart of this field is the question to what extent media-based and case-based learning environments can contribute to the development of professional competencies in educators. The second focal point addresses questions of structure and governance of educational systems in national and international comparison. A number of projects fall under this heading, including, among others, projects dealing with the structural change in further education as well as the governance of the system of further education by supra- and international players. Additional research topics include the historical foundation of adult education as well as the development of professionalism in this area.

These research areas and focal points are reflected in the course offerings of the Department of Adult Education/Further Education.

The study of Adult Education/Further Education in a degree program grants graduates access to related careers and fields. Two central fields are “Further Education Planning and Management” and “Support of Learning and Instruction Processes in Adults.” Careers in adult education/further education aim to enable, judge, and further develop the learning processes of adults in all their diverse forms. The study of adult education/further education as a discipline within Educational Science allows the student to gain the scientific foundation and career-relevant competencies necessary to develop professional capacities for action in the adult education sector. Through the combination of theoretical reflection and practical, career-relevant competencies students not only address the historical, systemic, and institutional foundation of the subject, but also gain the skills required for the planning, execution, and evaluation of processes of learning and instruction in adult and further education.

The following degree programs allow Adult Education/Further Education as a field of study:

Bachelor/Master Program:

  • as a field of study in the B.A. in Educational Science (major or minor)

  • M.A. in Adult Education/Further Education

  • as a field of study in the M.A. in Research and Development in Educational Science (currently being phased out)

Diplom/Magister Program (currently being phased out):

  • as a field of study in the Diplom program in Educational Science

  • as a field of study in the Diplom Graduate Program (Diplomaufbaustudium) in Educational Science

  • as an elective subject in the fields Social Pedagogy and School Pedagogy within the Diplom in Educational Science

  • as a subject (major or minor) for the Magister in Educational Science

More specific information can be found in the Degree Requirements and Module Guides of the respective degree programs.