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Teaching Activities at the Department of Social Pedagogy

The Department of Social Pedagogy engages in research on many levels. One central focus is the planning, development and evaluation of support and assistance processes, specifically involving persons caught up in phase-of-life crises.

This focus can be further broken down into biographic, organizational, and social issues. Practical skills, methods, and methodologies of social work are treated in depth, along with historical, contemporary and international aspects. Our teaching and research staff give students a state-of-the-art grounding in social pedagogy, in which theoretical and empirical aspects are targeted at various levels: descriptive, critical-analytical, and normative.

For an overview of all teaching activities / courses offered by Social Pedagogy at the University of Tubingen the reader is referred to Campus, a dedicated study and teaching portal. The link is

Since Winter Semester 2012/2013 students have the option of enrolling for an MA-level course: “Research and development in social pedagogy / social work“.