Institute of Education

Use, terms of borrowing books

The library of the Institute is a reference library, which means that literature is primarily for use within the library. Photocopiers are available.
You may set up a work space, if you want to use some books for an extended period in the library.

In addition, there are the following loan options for students at the University of Tuebingen:

Weekend Loan

Friday (from 11 a. m. until Monday morning) up to 6 items may be borrowed.

Exam Loan

Candidates preparing their final exams (with a confirmation letter issued for example by the advisors) may borrow 4 items for up to 2 weeks.

Holiday Loan

The same regulation applies to all students during the semester break: a maximum of 4 items, 2 weeks.

In addition, employees of the Institute of Education may also borrow books. Employees of other institutes of the University of Tuebingen, please contact the librarian (special regulations apply). Lending to non-university members is unfortunately not possible.