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Welcome to the Institute of Education!
The Institute of Education is the biggest educational institute in Baden-Wuerttemberg. As a place of well-known representatives it has a long disciplinary tradition but also faces future challenges of research and teaching. In particular, we focus on processes of Bildung and education as well as the pedagogical guidance throughout the lifespan. We address questions surrounding these topics in multiple research projects and put particular emphasis on the institutional context and the social disposition of educational practices.

Our research is foundational as well as more application-oriented and is visible nationally and internationally. We thus critically accompany the transformation of the educational system and investigate the effects of professional, educational and socio-political developments empirically. Simultaneously the numerous third-party projects and research collaborations inform and inspire our teaching. That we manage to combine excellent research with sophisticated teaching practices was acclaimed by rankings only very recently.

Our courses cover a wide range of the education sciences: Besides a BA in education and four MA programs in social pedagogy, school pedagogy, adult/further education and philosophy of education, we also offer teacher-training. We also stand for a high quality in doctoral training and the development of teacher-training courses, as well as in scientific guidance and the advancement of pedagogical practice. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we put strong emphasis on a collaborative research culture and also cooperate in a variety of ways with the Hector Institute of Empirical Education Research. We are eager to maintain close links with related research fields and engage in national and international research associations.

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