Baden-Württemberg Center for Brazil and Latin America

Symposium 2024

Very often, the key components of sustainability such as climate, water, soil, biodiversity, agriculture and forestry, health, energy, green technology, societal actions and response, and (bio-)economics, are analyzed and managed separately.

The scope of the German-Brazilian Symposium for Sustainable Development is to bring together researchers from the two countries with different research experiences and from different areas, enhancing inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches and, thus, maximizing the benefits of integrated concepts and solutions.

In the 2024 edition, the Symposium will have a special focus on resilience, food security and climate justice. Agri-food systems have been a topic in former editions and so will be in this, but a new dimension will be added focusing on food security by urban-rural food networks.

The well-established section on Drug Development and Innovative Medical Treatments will explore various manifestations of resilience.

Innovation has been introduced first in 2022 as a new thematic string, for it is an underrated factor in development strategies and policies. This time, the Innovation section will deal with Green Technologies and, again, Circular Economy.

The section on Human Resilience and Climate Justice will shed a new light on sustainability issues. Debates and workshop will prepare the floor for new interdisciplinary collaborations.

A: Resilience and Adaptation for Sustainable Agri-Food Systems
A1: Improving Resilience in Agricultural Production Systems – Integration, Innovation, and Management
A2: Sustainable Urban-Rural Food Networks – Policy Approaches for Food Justice and Security
A3: Workshop: Identifying Innovative Pathways to Accelerate Transformation

B: Strengthening Resilience by Drug Development and Innovative Medical Treatments
B1: Drug Development and Fighting Infections
B2: Innovative Medical Treatments
B3: Open Debate: Resilience, Medical Drugs, and Treatments

C: Green Innovation and Circular Economy for Life and Food
C1: Circular Economy in Sustainable Food Systems
C2: Green Technologies for Sustainable Life
C3: Open debate: Green Innovation and Circular Economy

D: Human Resilience and Climate Justice
D1: Improving Resilience by Education and Culture: Pluralizing Knowledge
D2: From Water Justice and Fair Access to Resources
D3: Workshop: Bottom-up Climate Justice in Global South and North