Baden-Württemberg Center for Brazil and Latin America

Session A

A1: Improving Resilience in Agricultural Production Systems – Integration, Innovation and Management

Name Title Poster number
Catherine Meyer

Understanding the oilseed palm Acrocomia (Arecaceae): the flowering patterns of various ecotypes from Brazil



Adriana Lugaresi


Sustainable postharvest strategies to minimize fungal decay in apples




Session B

Session B: Strengthening Resilience by Drug Development and Innovative Medical Treatments

Name Title Poster number

Ricardo Augusto Massarico Serafim


Efficient and Scalable Synthetic Optimization Towards RMS-07, the First-In-Class Covalent TTK/MPS1 inhibitor



Maria Letícia Barbosa


Synthesis, in silico and in vitro studies of N benzyl piperidine derivatives as inhibitors of cholinesterases and BACE1 for Alzheimer’s disease





B1: Drug Development and Anti-infectives

Name Title Poster number

Philipe Fernandes



Combining in silico techniques and NMR to investigate interactions between ABL kinase and antileukemic compounds



Caroline Gentz


Synthesis of quinoline anti-fungal derivatives from a naturally sourced material




Karoline B. Waitman Design and synthesis of new potential JAK3 and HDAC6 hybrid inhibitors for cancer treatment B5


B2: Innovative Medical Treatments

Name Title Poster number
Anton Schlesinger

Sustainable Audiological Care in Brazil: A Low-Threshold Approach to Locally Manufactured and Custom-Fitted Hearing Aid Solutions



Fernando Mendonça Diz


Assessing the impact of skepinone on the p38/MAPK pathway during in vitro growth of gliomas




Session C

C2: Green Technologies for Sustainable Life



Poster number

Débora Carvalho

Water and energy nexus in the maintenance of solar panels


Denis Meyer

Optimization of the bio-oil stabilization process to minimize hydrogen consumption


Caroline Carriel Schmitt

Fast pyrolysis and pyrolytic lignin extraction of piassava biomass for value-added products


Hidila Souza Teixeira da Silva

Study of the hydroisomerization of alkanes using metal catalysts


Session D

D1: Improving Resilience by Education and Culture

Name Title Poster number
Alice Rocha Teixeira Netto Strengthening resilience by medical education and access to Brazilian population to ophthalmic public health D1

Lais Vieira Trevisan , Roberto Schoproni Bichueti


Advancing Collaborative Networks for Sustainable Development: Initiatives from ESSSR, IUSDRP, and GERBRAS-SCIENCENET




D2: From Water Justice to Fair Climate Policies

Name Title Poster number

Raquel Jahara Lobosco

Identification of Urban Surface Heat Islands as a Tool for Urban Environmental Planning


Lara Oberdá Carneiro Marques


Ecovillages as Nature-Based Solutions (NbS): A Case Study in Cafuringa - Federal District, Brazil. 



Mariana Zerbone Alves de Albuquerque Social cartography of water in the Brazilian semi-arid region: strategies for a civic pedagogy D5