Englisches Seminar

Anti-Discrimination Statement

The English Department at the University of Tübingen aspires to be a place of cultural, social and linguistic diversity. It welcomes students from any and all backgrounds and respects and cherishes the diverse experiences and understandings they bring to the department. The department states its commitment to equity in provision of educational offer regardless of the background of its students. The English department explicitly commits itself to addressing and fostering diversity in its curricular offer, facilitates diversity training wherever possible, seeks to provide a welcoming environment for all of its students, and works towards increasing various forms of diversity among its student body and staff.

The English Department condemns every form of racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination on the basis, for instance, of belief, gender, sexual orientation, social status or class, language, dis/ability, or age, as specified in the German constitution (Grundgesetz, articles 3-5) and commits to addressing any instances of discrimination, whether singular or systemic.

Whom to turn to  

Should you wish to address issues of discrimination, a first port of call within the department could be

Depending on the nature of the issue, the university provides the following resources:  

If you wish to remain anonymous when addressing your concerns, please communicate this to us.

If you have suggestions for improving diversity, inclusion, equity, and access, please contact the Equal Opportunities Representative (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte/r) of the School of Humanities and the current Head of Department. 

The Department supports the participation of all student and staff members in the many organizations, clubs, and working groups of the university community. You can find some ideas for how to get involved on this website.