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The CLARIN repository at the University of Tübingen offers long-term preservation of digital resources, along with their descriptive metadata.

The mission of the repository is to ensure the availability and long-term preservation of resources, to preserve knowledge gained in research, to aid the transfer of knowledge into new contexts, and to integrate new methods and resources into university curricula.

The repository is part of the eScience infrastructure of the University of Tübingen, which is a core facility that strongly cooperates with the library and computing center of the university.

Integration of the repository into the national CLARIN-D and international CLARIN infrastructures gives it wide exposure, increasing the likelihood that the resources will be used and further developed beyond the lifetime of the projects in which they were developed.

Among the resources currently available in the Tübingen Center Repository, researchers can find widely used treebanks of German (e.g. TüBa-D/Z), the German wordnet (GermaNet), the first manually annotated digital treebank (Index Thomisticus), as well as descriptions of the tools used by the WebLicht ecosystem for natural language processing.

This repository was first awarded the Core Trust Seal (CTS) in March, 2019. In 2023, the CTS has been successfully renewed. It is valid till 31.05.2026.

This repository was awarded the Data Seal of Approval in 2013 and 2015 .


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