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Welcome to Quantitative Linguistics

The Quantitative Linguistics group around Prof. Dr. R. Harald Baayen investigates quantitative and probabilistic aspects of language and phenomena of language in human behaviour. The main research question here-by is, how humans learn the complex, seemingly non-deterministic patterns in everyday language.

As Quantitative Linguistics group we use the following perspectives and methods to conduct our research:

  • experimental psychology
  • cognitive and statistical modeling
  • corpus linguistics
  • phonetics
  • morphology
  • non-linear statistical inference tools (especially general additive models)

The Quantiative Linguistics group is member of the Tübinger Zentrum für Linguistik (TUEZ-Li) and works in close collaboration with the Center for Comparative Psycholinguistics (CCP) at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

On the following sites of our website you can found more information about our Research, Projects we are working on, on Software and Data bases we provide to the public and the members of the group. Please contact us if you have further questions.