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Courses of Study at the SfS

The linguistics department (SfS) is offering two courses of study: General Linguistics and Computational Linguistics. Both courses can be studied either as a minor or as a major subject. 

General Linguistics

 Linguistics deals with the study of Language in all its forms. It explores the principles at the core of language use and learning. 

  • BA-Major in General Linguistics
  • BA-Minor in General Linguistics
  • MA-Studies in General Linguistics

 The following document (in German) contains a general overview over the course of studies in the Bachelor and Master courses. A more detailed description can be found in excerpts of the examination regulations (in German)


 In accordance with the Bologna-Process, the old German 'Magister' programs were substituted with B.A. and M.A. programs. Applications for the old programs are no longer possible.

Computational Linguistics (ISCL)

  The International Studies in Computational Linguistics (ISCL) programme incorporates the realm of traditional linguistics with the modern methods of computer science. It is geared towards practical learning and research.

International BA-Studies (ISCL)  Contact: Stephen Bodnar

 BA-Minor in Compuational Linguistics  Contact: Stephen Bodnar

 International MA-Studies (ISCL)  Contact: Çağrı Çöltekin