Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft



An Integrative Approach to Linguistic Complexity Analysis for German (working title)

Zarah Weiss

  • Advisor: Detmar Meurers


Learning Analytics in Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning (working title)

Björn Rudzewitz

  • Advisor: Detmar Meurers


Dialog-based CALL (working title)

Serge Bibauw (UC Louvain)

  • Internnal Co-Advisor: Thomas François
  • Internal Co-Advisor: Piet Desmet
  • External Co-Advisor: Detmar Meurers


Linguistic and Arithmetic Factors in Word Problems

Gabriella Daroczy (LEAD)

  • First advisor: Hans-Christoph Nürk
  • Second advisor: Detmar Meurers


Design, development, and evaluation of research tools for evidence-based learning: A digital game-based spelling training for german primary school children

Heiko Holz (LEAD)

  • Advisor: Detmar Meurers


Individual differences and instructed Second Language Acquisition: Insights from Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning

Simón Eduardo Ruiz Hernández (LEAD)

  • Advisor: Detmar Meurers
Automatic Analysis of Linguistic Complexity and Its Application in Language Learning Research

Xiaobin Chen (LEAD)

  • Advisor: Detmar Meurers
Analyzing Authentic Texts for Language Learning: Web-based Technology for Input Enrichment and Question Generation

Maria Chinkina (LEAD)

  • Advisor: Detmar Meurers


"Short Answer Assessment in Context: The Role of Information Structure"

Ramon Ziai

  • Advisor: Detmar Meurers



Analyzing Text Complexity and Text Simplification: Connecting Linguistics, Processing and Educational Applications

Sowmya V.B.

  • First advisor: Detmar Meurers 
  • Second advisor: Katharina Scheiter
Form and meaning in dialogue-based computer-assisted language learning 

Sabrina Wilske (Universität des Saarlandes)

  • First advisor: Manfred Pinkal 
  • Second advisor: Detmar Meurers 



Modifikatoren im Deutschen [Modifiers in German] 

Hagen Hirschmann

  • Erstgutachter: Anke Lüdeling
  • Zweitgutachter: Detmar Meurers


Automatic Diagnosis of Written Errors for Beginning Learners of German

Adriane Boyd (OSU)

  • Erstgutachter: Detmar Meurers
  • Zweitgutachter: Mike White


Implicit corrective feedback in computer-guided interaction: Does Mode Matter?

Ken Peterson (Georgetown University)

  • Erstgutachter: Alison Mackey 
  • Zweitgutachter: Detmar Meurers


Content Assessment in Intelligent Computer-Aided Language Learning: Meaning Error Diagnosis for English as a Second Language  

Stacey Bailey (OSU)

  • Erstgutachter: Detmar Meurers 
  • Zweitgutachter: Chris Brew


Designing Intelligent Language Tutoring Systems: integrating Natural Language Processing technology into foreign language teaching  

Luiz Alexandre Amaral (OSU)

  • Erstgutachter: Detmar Meurers
  • Zweitgutachter: John Grinstead


Hybrid Models for Chinese Unknown Word Resolution  

Xiaofei Lu (OSU)

  • Erstgutachter: Detmar Meurers
  • Zweitgutachter: Chris Brew


Error detection and correction in annotated corpora  

Markus Dickinson (OSU)

  • Erstgutachter: Detmar Meurers
  • Zweitgutachter: Chris Brew
Generalized ID/LP Grammar: A Formalism for Parsing Linearization-Based HPSG Grammars  

Mike Daniels (OSU)

  • Erstgutachter: Detmar Meurers
  • Zweitgutachter: Chris Brew