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Gerontology at the Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen

Germany is an ageing society and it is not alone in this demographical trend. Demgraphic change is occuring in almost every developed country and this will lead to daunting challenges in the next decades. To meet these challenges, solutions from science, governments, the economy and citizens alike are needed in order to create new and innovative approaches. As fragmented approaches are unlikely to be successful, a trans-disciplinary solution is required that builds upon the foundations of natural, medical, social and behavioral sciences.

Starting in 2006, scientists of the Eberhard Karls University in Tuebingen have been working jointly across traditional faculty disciplines to promote a better understanding on this issue and to rise to the challenge of finding solutions to this growing problem. The interest group HELP (Helping the Elderly to enjoy Long comPlete lives) concentrates on exchanging ideas and expertise around the research complex of geriatric science athe the Tuebingen University. It is an open group that welcomes every societal group intererested in participating in this innovative process.

Further information about the members of HELP, their activities and partners is provided on the following pages.