Institute of Ancient History


Dr. Federico Montinaro

Project Leader

Studies in Ancient, Byzantine and Islamic History Italy, and Paris, awarded a PhD in Byzantine History in 2013 at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE)-Sorbonne. In Tübingen since 2015, first as a postdoctoral researcher in the Collaborative Research Centre 923 “Threatened Orders”, then as a temporary professor, currently as leader of his own research group. His webpage at the Institute for Ancient History.

Dr. Mathilde Boudier

Postdoctoral Researcher (from September 2021)

Awarded a PhD in Islamic History in 2020 from the Sorbonne, with a dissertation on the subject of The Melkite Church in Syria Palaestina (7th-10th Centuries). From the Christians of Byzantium to Islam. Currently Attachée Temporaire d'enseignement et de recherche at the Sorbonne, from September onwards she will be working on a Melchite canon collection for her habilitation project.

Lukas Müller

Research Assistant

Since 2014, teacher training in History and Latin in Tübingen. Also part of the CRC 923 “Threatened Orders”.