Scientific Staff

Lilly Buhr

M.Sc. School Psychology, Doctoral Candidate
Curriculum Vitae

Office: Liebermeisterstraße 6, room 101
Office hours: by appointment

Anne Eppinger Ruiz de Zarate

M.Sc. School Psychology, research assistant

Office: Liebermeisterstraße 6, room 6
Ofice hours: by appointment

Julia Steigleder

M.A. Educational Sciences, research assistant

Office: Silcherstraße 5, room 24
 +49 7071/29-75633
Office hours: by by appointment

Tomasz Moschko

M.Sc. Psychology, research assistant
Curriculum Vitae

Office: Silcherstraße 5, room 24
 +49 7071/29-75545
Office hours: by by appointment

Dr. Ulrike Schwarz

M.Sc. School Psychology

Postal Address: Schleichstraße 4, 72076 Tübingen
Office: Liebermeisterstr. 6, Raum 101
Office hours during the semester: on Wednesdays, 10:00 - 12:00 and by appointment.

Yao Xiong

Master of social psychology; Master of psychology research methods; Doctoral Candidate
Curriculum Vitae

Office: Liebermeisterstr. 6, room 5
Office hours: by by appointment