Practical Theology III

Practical Ministry Training

The Practical Ministry Training as it is conducted in Tuebingen is guided by the idea of a closer connection between academic Theology and practical training during the course of studies; it constitutes as the internship that everyone studying according to the study regulations from 2010/11 must do.

The training program consists of three consecutive elements:

The Course

First, you will participate in a course that is focused on issues concerned with ministry and being a minister. Taking in account the changes ministry experiences and focusing on the challenges being a minister means, this course will serve as a preparation for the internship.

The Internship

You will then complete a 4-week internship. In consultation with us, you may organize your position yourself, we will, however, also assist you with finding a position that will match your interests. You will be asked to record your experiences in an internship diary or a report.

The Evaluating Block Course

During this block course, we will exchange what you experienced in your internship. Theory and practical experiences will be brought together in a fruitful dialogue, and your own experience will be expanded by the perspectives of your peers.