Logik und Sprachtheorie


Lev Gordeev, born 03.05.1948 in Berlin (Germany)

1955-1966: Schooling in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg)
1966-1973: Study:
1 year at Leningrad University (USSR),
2 years at Wroclaw University (Poland),
3 years at Warsaw University (Poland)
1973: Diploma at Warsaw and Leningrad University
1973-1976: Postgraduate in Steklov Institute of the Acad. of Sciences in
1977-1979: Assistant professorship in Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute
1978: 1st award of Leningrad Math. Society for Young Mathematicians
1980-1983: DFG-Project in Math. Institute of Munich University
1983-1992: Sci. fellow, then Sci. assistant at Math., later at Comp. Sci.
Faculty (Fakultät für Informatik) of Tübingen University (Germany)
1985: Ph.D. (doctor rer. nat.) in Mathematics at Munich University
1991: Founding Fellow of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications
1992: Habilitation in Mathematics and Computer Science at Tübingen
Since 1992: Privatdozent at Comp. Sci. Dept. (WSI für Informatik),
Tübingen University.