Econometrics, Statistics and Empirical Economics

S311 Applied Econometrics

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Joachim Grammig

3. Year B.Sc.


B.Sc. International Economics,
B.Sc. International Business Administration,
B.Sc. Economics and Business Administration

Language English
Time and Place

Online; Live-streaming via timms, HS25: moodle link

Monday 8.00 - 10.00

Tuesday 8.00 - 10.00

Exam written exam
Credit Points 6 ECTS
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The course gives both a rigorous and applied introduction to modern econometrics. How regression makes sense: What is the justification for linear regressions in the first place? Theory-based regression, conditional expectation function, prediction and causal model. The algebra of least squares. Classical assumptions and large sample results. Specification issues (omitted variables and multicollinearity). Generalized Least Squares. Endogeneity: Reasons and solutions. Instrumental Variables. Generalized Method of Moments, Two-Stage Least Squares. The course tries to balance intuitive understanding with rigorous treatment. The course "Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business" (or comparable) is a prerequisite.