Econometrics, Statistics and Empirical Economics

S311 Applied Econometrics

Lecturer Constantin Hanenberg; E-Mail

3. Year B.Sc.


B.Sc. International Economics,
B.Sc. International Business Administration,
B.Sc. Economics and Business Administration

Language English
Time and Place

Lecture videos available on ILIAS; 

biweekly Q&A Sessions at Hörssal 001, Keplerstr. 2

starting Tuesday April 19, 8-10 AM

Exam written exam
Credit Points 6 ECTS

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password: AE22



The course gives both a rigorous and applied introduction to modern econometrics. How regression makes sense: What is the justification for linear regressions in the first place? Theory-based regression, conditional expectation function, prediction and causal model. The algebra of least squares. Classical assumptions and large sample results. Specification issues (omitted variables and multicollinearity). Generalized Least Squares. Endogeneity: Reasons and solutions. Instrumental Variables. Generalized Method of Moments, Two-Stage Least Squares. The course tries to balance intuitive understanding with rigorous treatment. The course "Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business" (or comparable) is a prerequisite.