Econometrics, Statistics and Empirical Economics

SQ888 Math Prep Course for Economics and/or Business Administration


Constantin Hanenberg (MSc.)

Requirements Before getting started with the regular classes
Languages German / English
Time and Location Preparatory videos online
Feedback-sessions via Zoom (Passcode: 373850):
Wednesday, 28. October 2020, 14-16 pm
Friday, 30. October 2020, 14-16 pm
Friday, 30. October 2020, 16-17 pm (english for CIVIS upon request)
Credit points 1 ECTS
Registration No registration required


In order to  earn one credit point (1 ECTS) for this prep course you have to pass the associated remote exam (This is the link for the exam, Password: Margulis2020). The remote exam takes place on Saturday, 11/14/2020, at 11 AM. As this prep course counts as a core qualification, there will be no retake exam. More information about the exam will follow soon.


The aim of the course is to repeat and refresh the mathematical basics, which are assumed to be known in the course "Mathematische  Methoden der Wirtschaftswissenschaft".
The following topics are covered:

  • mathematical basics: set theory; numbers; power and root laws; intervals and absolute values; inequalities; quadratic equations; propositional logic
  • functions of a single variable: definitions; forms of representation; linear functions; quadratic functions; polynomials; exponential function; logarithmic function; function composition; inverse functions; implicit functions
  • complex numbers, combinatorics

Please note that the methodological part of the preliminary course is intended as self-study. The feedback sessions only serve to discuss specific questions. Please send your questions in advance to Constantin Hanenberg.


  • Sydsaeter, Knut & Hammond, Peter, Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis (fourth edition). Pearson.
  • Cramer, E. & Nešlehova, J, Vorkurs Mathematik, 2005, Springer (electronic source accessible via the university library)

ELearning, online materials and videos (ILIAS)

During the prep course at the beginning of the first semester, we cover the exercise sheets listed below. The theoretical basics are discussed only in passing. A more in-depth repetition of the mathematical basics is possible with the help of the videos and exercise materials on the ILIAS learning platform (without registration).

You also have the chance to repeat selected exercises on your own using the open source software R and/or Python.

Teaching videos for the math prep course (ILIAS)

The ILIAS website is constantly being enhanced. It is possible that the appearance of the page changes or that functionalities and/or materials are added. In case you find any errors, have problems playing the videos or have any other comments, please report them by email to the contact person for the website: Constantin Hanenberg

Material covered in the prep course

The prep course mainly comprises chapters 1-5 from Sydsaeter/Hammond. A complementary summary of the contents can be found here:

Exercise sheets:

Here you can find the short solutions to the exercise sheets. The videos with a discussion of the solutions can be found here.

Registration for the prep course is not necessary.

MINT-College Online Test

The MINT-Kolleg Stuttgart offers an online self-test for knowledge review and self-assessment. The contents of the Mathematics and Statistics section (online test with a focus on statistics) are identical to the requirements of the economics and/or business administration programs in Tübingen.