China Centre Tübingen (CCT)

Lecture Series: Novissima Sinica

In November 2016, CCT inaugurated a new lecture series, Novissima Sinica, to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the death of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

This series is inpsired by the contribution Leibniz made towards stimulating European interest in China, following his example in bringing “News from China” (Novissima Sinica) to Tübingen. To do so, we invite scholars of China to CCT to present their latest research on Chinese politics, economics, society and culture.

These lectures are open to all staff and students of the university and to members of the general public.

[27.05.2020] Counterfeiting, Made in China: The World of Shanzhai (Zairong Xiang)

[22.01.2020] Between Power and Credibility: Ideological reorientation in Xi Jinping's China(Clemens Büttner)

[25.11.2019] China and the Persian Gulf: Economics and Diplomacy on the New Silk Road (Philip Gater-Smith)

[28.01.2019] From Poisoned Milk to Fake Vaccines: When Business and Morality Collide in China (Qian Zhao)

[22.10.2018] Supraplanung: Chinesische Denkhorizonte (Harro von Senger)

[18.06.2018] Neo-Confucianism and Love: The notion of Ai 愛 in Premodern China (Maud M'Bondjo)

[18.07.2018] Moving Houses (Again): Urban Relocation in Taiwan (Elisa Tamburo)

[14.05.2018] Translating Cultures: Tang Junyi's "The Truth of Love" (Jonathan Keir)

[29.01.2018] Sinofutorology and the Chinese Dream: Images of the Future (Peter Kuhfus)

[04.12.2017] Coming to Stay? Local Border Politics and Immigration in China (Franziska Plümmer)

[06.07.2017] Informal Diplomacy–Journalists and the Making of Sino-Japanese Relations in the Cold War (Casper Wits)

[21.06.2017]  The Umbrella Movement and the Failure of Democratization in Hong Kong (Stephan Ortmann )

[16.02.2017] China's 'One Belt-One Road’ Initiative and its Significance for Europe (Enrico Fardella)

[31.01.2017] The Human Factor: The Lifeworlds of China's Youth (Simon Lang)

[13.11.2016] Chinas Renaissance als Herausforderung für Europa (Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer)