Center for Gender and Diversity Research

Medical Institutes

Department of Women's Health

Department of Woman's Health

Prof. Dr. med. Sara Y. Brucker

Medical Director

Main focus on gender and diversity research: women's health and gender; cancer and gender; gender medicine in academic teaching

Sports Medicine

Dr. med Christine Kopp

Gender and diversity in sports

Center for Public Health and Care Research Tübingen (ZÖGV)

Anika Klein, M.A.

Gender aspects in nutritional appropriation processes or nutrition in life course and biographical research (socialization and transition processes); intergenerational learning; age stereotypes

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Prof. Dr. Birgit Derntl

Innovative Neuroimaging; influence of gender and sex hormones

Institut of Geriatric Medicine, Social Medicine, and Healthcare Research

Prof. Dr. Monika A. Rieger

Research questions overlapping with gender and diversity research within research projects emerge in all our research areas,

a) in occupational medicine and healthcare: e.g. women in '(formerly) male professions'; nursing relatives in employment; men as a neglected issue of health provision

b) in social medicine and healthcare research: gender as an aspect of social injustice that might lead to healthcare injustice

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