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CLARIN Center Tübingen

CLARIN-D is developing a digital infrastructure for language-centered research in the social sciences and humanities. The main function of the service centers in CLARIN-D is to provide relevant, useful data and tools in an integrated, interoperable and scalable way. The CLARIN-D infrastructure is designed in close collaboration with expert scholars in the humanities and social sciences, to ensure that it meets the needs of users in a systematic and easily accessible way.

CLARIN-D is built on the achievements of the preparatory phase of the European CLARIN initiative as well as CLARIN-D's Germany-specific predecessor project D-SPIN.

Tübingen, as coordinator of the CLARIN-D project, participates in nearly all aspects of the project.

Prof. Dr. Erhard Hinrichs (Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft/Computerlinguistik)
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