Alte Geschichte

Dr. Oksana Goncharko

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


Keplerstr. 17, Raum 001, 72074 Tübingen

07071 / 29 73958


seit Dezember 2022
Promotion der Byzantinistik

Universität Tübingen, Seminar für Alte Geschichte, Emmy Noether Forschergruppe "Religiöser Konflikt und Mobilität, 700-900"


ITMO-Universität, Sankt Petersburg

MA, Byzantinische und Neohellenische Philologie

Staatliche Universität Sankt Petersburg

2018 – 2022
Forschungsprojektleiterin der Russischen Wissenschaftsstiftung

Russische Christliche Akademie der Geisteswissenschaften, Sankt Petersburg

Promotion der Logik

Staatliche Universität Sankt Petersburg

MA, Philosophie

Staatliche Universität Sankt Petersburg



  • Byzantinische und postklassische Logik
  • Historische Theologie
  • Platonische Studien



  • Логика и онтология в византийской догматической полемике. Очерки: коллективная монография, СПб.: Издательство РХГА, 2020. – 320 с. – (Серия «Византийская философия», т.19). – Под ред. Д.С.Бирюкова. Авторы: Д.С.Бирюков, В.М.Лурье, А.Каменских, Т.А.Щукин, Д.И.Макаров, О.Ю.Гончарко, Д.Н.Гончарко, О.Н.Ноговицын.


  • Goncharko O.Yu. Dialectic after Plato and Aristotle, edited by Katerina Ierodiakonou and Thomas Bénatouïl, 2019. Review // History and Philosophy of Logic 43(1) (2022) 96–104 (In English)
  • Goncharko O.Yu., Rakhmaninova M.D. Between “Lack of Power” and “Freedom”: on the Political History of the Concept of Acrateia (ἀκράτεια) // Tomsk State University Journal of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science 61 (2021) 62–79 (In Russian)
  • Goncharko O.Yu., Bezzubova O.V., Mikeshin M.I. Byzantine History of Platonic Dialogue and its Reception in 18th – 19th century Russia // Tomsk State University Journal 456 (2020) 85–93. (In Russian)
  • Goncharko O.Yu., Chernoglazov D.A. Xenedemos, or Voices by Theodore Prodromos: A Russian Translation with Logico-Philosophical Introduction // Platonic Investigations 12(1) (2020) 259–280. (In Russian)
  • Goncharko O.Yu, Goncharko D.N. Ancient, Byzantine and Modern Archetypes of The Wizard of the Emerald City Fairy Tale by A.M. Volkov // Tomsk State University Journal 454 (2020) 55–66. (In Russian)
  • Goncharko O. Yu., Goncharko D.N. A Byzantine Logician’s “Image” within the Second Iconoclastic Controversy. Theodore the Studite // Scrinium 15 (1) (2019) 163–177. (In English)
  • Goncharko O. Yu., Goncharko D.N. Schole. The Dialogue on Aristotle Categories by Porphyry as a Platonic Dialogue // Schole 13(1) (2019) 83–93. (In English)
  • Chernoskutov, J. J.; Goncharko, O. J.; Tiskin, D. B. Logic Today. Conference Overview // Voprosy Filosofii 5 (2018) 209–214. (In Russian)
  • Dmitry Chernoglazov, Grigory Benevich, Arkadi Choufrine, Oksana Goncharko  and Timur Schukin. The Cambridge Intellectual History of Byzantium, edited by Anthony Kaldellis and Niketas Siniossoglou, 2017. Review // Scrinium 14 (2018) 475–507. (In English)
  • Goncharko O. Yu., Goncharko D.N. A Byzantine Logician’s “Image” within the Second Iconoclastic Controversy. Nikephoros of Constantinople // Scrinium 13 (2017) 291–308. (In English)
  • Goncharko O. Yu., Spiridonova L.V., Kurbanov A.V. The “Dialogue Xenedemos, or Voices” by Theodore Prodromos. A Critical Edition, with English Translation // Scrinium 13 (2017) 227–275. (In English)
  • Goncharko O. Yu., Romanenko Yu.M. A Brief History of Self-Reference Notion Implementation in Byzantium: Did the Byzantine Theologians and Scholars Formulate the Russell’s Paradox? // Scrinium 12 (2016) 244–260. (In English)
  • Goncharko O. Yu., Chernoglazov D.A. Platonic Dialogue of Theodoros Prodromos “Xenedemos”: Pseudo-Antique Protagonists, and their Byzantine Prototypes // Schole 13(2) (2016) 571–582. (In Russian)

Vorträge, Tagungen, Workshops, Konferenzen


  • The Identity Principle within the Second Iconoclastic Controversy // Inaugural Pan- American Symposium on the History of Logic: Validity throughout History, University of California, Los  Angeles, 24-27 May 2019.
  • Logical Education in Byzantium: the case of Patriarch Nikephoros //    Workshop within the ERC-funded project Reassessing Ninth Century Philosophy. A Synchronic Approach to the Logical Traditions based at the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of the University of Vienna and Austrian Academy of Sciences, 29-30 June 2017. 
  • (with Dmitry Chernoglazov) Theodoros Prodromos Contribution to the Question on the Great and the Small // XXIV International Congress of Byzantine Studies 2022 – Venice and Padua 22-27 August 2022.  



  • The History of Non-Classical Logics (Russian Christian Academy for Humanities)

  • Logic and Argumentation Theory in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (Russian Christian Academy for Humanities)