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Visiting Prof. Wu Ying-Chu to present research at Taiwan Colloquium, 26 January

Prof. Wu Ying-Chu 吳瑛珠 from the Department of Public Administration at Tamkang University will present a current research project in the Taiwan Colloquium on Thursday, 26 January, 6 p.m. Her topic is 

Das Verhältnis zwischen politischen Parteien und Abgeordneten - Ausgehend vom Rotationsprinzip in Deutschland zur Überprüfung der Verfassungsauslegung Nr.311 in Taiwan
[Relation between political parties and delegates - Departing from the rotation principle in Germany to review the constitutional interpretation no. 311 in Taiwan]

Venue is the lecture hall 001 in Keplerstraße 2.

Greater China Colloquium / Taiwan Colloquium im Winter 2022/23

Thursdays, 6-8 PM, Keplerstr. 2, Hörsaal 001

  • Nov 17, Karoline Buchner, "Of 'Quiet Medical Revolutions' and 'Foreign Meddling': Covering Chinese Medicine in Taiwan Panorama"
  • Nov 24, Prof. Ann Heylen, "Featuring Formosa: Historical Narration and Semantic Prosody in Newspaper Corpora"
  • Dec 15, Dr. Jonathan Sullivan, "Taiwan and the Future"
  • Dec 19, Dr. Jonathan Sullivan, Ph.D. Dialogue (Keplerstr. 2, Room 003)
  • Jan 12, Abbey Heffer, "Local Policy Experimentation: An 'Innovative' Way for Local Chinese Governments to Respond to Protest?"
  • Jan 19, Prof. Dr. Nicola Spakowski, "Worker Heroes and Heroines in China: Models of a Society of Production (1940s to 1970s)"
  • Jan 23 (Mo, Keplerstr. 2, R. 1.81), Prof. Wu Ying-Chu, "Umwandlung der verfassungsrechtlichen Stellung der politischen Parteien in Taiwan: Vom Verfassungsentwurf in Jahr 1936 bis zur Verfassungsauslegung Nr. 793 im Jahr 2020"Jan 23, (Mo, Keplerstr. 2, R. 1.81)
  • Jan 26, Prof. Wu Ying-Chu, "Das Verhältnis zwischen politischen Parteien und Abgeordneten: Ausgehend vom Rotationsprinzip in Deutschland zur Überprüfung der Verfassungsauslegung Nr. 311 in Taiwan"
  • Feb 2, Cheng Ting-wen, "The Impact of Virtual Exchanges on Promoting the Integration and Development of the Cross-Strait: An Example of Cross-Strait Youth Student Online Exchange Activities"
  • Feb 6, Dr. Chen Teng-hsiang, "The Transboundary Mission of Chinese Buddhist Organization Fo Guang Shan from Taiwan to Germany" (Keplerstr. 2, Room 1.81)
  • Feb 9, Prof. Dr. Gunter Schubert, "The Taiwan Predicament Revisited: Notional Identity and the China Threat"