Chinese Studies



Publikation: "Kleine Geschichte Taiwans" von Gunter Schubert

Gerade ist im C.H. Beck-Verlag die "Kleine Geschichte Taiwans" erschienen, geschrieben von Prof.…

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Research: Extension of the DFG project "Translating Western Science, Technology and Medicine" until August 2025

We are pleased to announce that the above-mentioned project has again been extended cost-neutrally…

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Lecture: Prof. Vogel participated in the Conference "La Venezia di Marco Polo: Il Codice Diplomatico Poliano (1288-1380)”

On 25-26 Jan 2024, Prof. Vogel participated in the Conference “La Venezia di Marco Polo: Il Codice…

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Vorstellungsgespräche für Lektorstelle

Am 19. und 20. Februar 2024 finden Vorstellungsgespräche für die ausgeschriebene Lektorsstelle…

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Lecture: Kuo Chao-Hsuan, "Children's Rights in Taiwanese Law"

Thursday, 1. February 2024. 6-8pm c.t., Rm 1.81, Keplerstr. 2

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Lecture: XU Runzhou, "The Integration of Religious and Market Hierarchical Systems in Licheng from 1400-1940"

On Tue, 6 Feb 2024, XU Runzhou will talk about "The Integration of Religious and Market Hierarchical…

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Lecture: GU Nianmao, "Robert Koch and the Dissemination of Bacteria Knowledge in Elementary and Middle School Health Textbooks in the Republic of China"

On Wed, 7 Feb 2024, Dr. Gu Nianmao 顧年茂 from East China Normal University will give a lecture on…

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