Chinese Studies

Modern Taiwan Studies (Jun. Prof. Tseng)

The Position of Junior Professor of Modern Taiwan Studies was established in 2018 with the purpose of carrying out social science research on Taiwan from social, political and cultural perspectives. Explorations of Taiwan are not limited to the island itself; rather, Taiwan’s geopolitics, its role in the global economy as well as Taiwan as a nodal point of knowledge circulation in Asia Pacific are emphasised.
Research on Modern Taiwan Studies in Tübingen comprises the social transformations of Taiwanese society, marriage and labour migrants and their social and political participation, student migration and knowledge circulation, as well as Chinese and Taiwanese migrants in Europe and their entrepreneurship.
Teaching in Modern Taiwan Studies introduces a wide range of relevant issues in Taiwan and East Asia, which includes migration, labour policies, urbanization, art, space, and overseas Chinese in comparative perspectives with China, Japan and Korea. Teaching of Modern Taiwan Studies is interdisciplinary and covers various fields, such as Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Political Science and Cultural Studies.