Chinese Studies

GCS Courses in Summer Term 2024

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VL Politische Geschichte Hongkongs
Mo 8-10, Schubert


PS Politische Systeme in Greater China
Gruppe A: Di 10-12 Braig, Eggert
Gruppe B: Di 12-14 Braig, Eggert
Gruppe C: Mi 14-16 Braig, Eggert


Hong Kong: Society, History and Politics
Do 14-16, Lee

Chinas nationale Sicherheit unter Xi Jinping
Mi 10-12, Markert

Contentious Intimacies in East Asia
Mo 12-14, Tseng

M.A. Seminars

HS Ordering the Immediate and Distant Periphery: The Imperial Logic of China's Foreign Policy
Mi 10-12, Schubert & Hasenclever

HS Taiwan after the National Elections: Domestic and External Challenges
Mo 10-12, Schubert

HS Doing Qualitative Research - Cases of East Asia
Di 12-14, Tseng

Translation Courses

Multikulturalismus und Politik in Taiwan
Do 14-16, Braig

Chinas Minderheitenpolitik unter Xi Jinping
Mo 14-16, Markert

Social Issues in Taiwan: For a Better Understanding of the Current Affairs
Di 10-12, Tseng

Graduate Seminar

Sinologische Forschungspraxis: Sozialwissenschaftliche Themen und Methoden


Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium Modernes China/Greater China
Mi 12-14, Schubert

Taiwan Colloquium
Mo 16-18, Schubert

GCS Courses in Winter Term 2023/24