Englisches Seminar

Career Opportunities

Our students develop the skills – critical thinking and analysis, research design and synthesis, academic writing and presentation – that will prepare them for a variety of careers in academic research and teaching, publishing, journalism, new media, cultural management, public administration, international organizations, consulting, and marketing and sales. IAS graduates are also attractive to a wide range of employers because of their excellent English language abilities and their advanced understanding of inter-cultural communication. In addition, the B.A. program qualifies students for a large number of M.A. programs.

The unique, yearlong integrated year abroad allows IAS students to build a distinctive resume through an extended stay at an American university and/or one or more long-term internships. Employers appreciate the immense value of spending a full year in the U.S.!

Our students have been highly successful in getting internship positions and jobs at, for example, cultural institutions (i.e. film festivals, German-American institutes, museums), media outlets, publishers (Penguin Random House; C.H. Beck), international firms (Daimler, Bosch, Hugo Boss), international and governmental organizations (local governments, EU, UN, NATO) and consultancy and marketing agencies - both in the Tübingen-Stuttgart region and elsewhere in Germany/the United States.