How do I register for the main exam?

In order to obtain a grade you need to register for the exam as follows:

  1. Register via the AVG Lecture Quiz Server. This is the binding registration for our exam which we will use for grading, to print the correct number of exams and to assigns seats to you. The registration option will become available approximately 1 month before the exam. The link to the AVG Lecture Quiz Server is provided on ILIAS. Not that a "no-show" without prior cancellation leads to a failed exam (grade: 5.0). Deadline: You need to register at the latest one week before the exam takes place.
  2. Register via the ALMA portal. All students should also register through ALMA to ease association of the final grades for the examination office. For some students, registration through the ALMA portal is not possible in which case you do not need to register through ALMA. Deadline: You need to register at the latest one week before the exam takes place.

How can I cancel my exam participation?

The exam can be cancelled without failed attempt by cancelling the registration in the AVG Lecture Quiz Server and ALMA one week before the exam takes place. If the option for cancelation is not available anymore, please send an email to the lead TA before the exam has started or by personally notifying the TAs prior to the start of the exam. Note that you will also need to cancel your registration if you registered only via the AVG Lecture Quiz (but not via ALMA) in case you do not want to participate in the exam. Once the exam has started, you cannot cancel anymore.

Is there a second exam? Am I allowed to participate?

For all courses with written exams we are offering a make-up exam. Students are allowed to register for the make-up exam also if they have not registered for / participated in the primary exam. Note that we are not offering a third exam. Consequently, if you decide to participate in the make-up exam but not in the primary exam, you are waiving one examination chance.

Where can this lecture be accredited for?

Please find the relevant information in ALMA.

Where is my examination office?

Please see this page for further information.